Meme: Passion Quilt (digital natives, digital babies)

Thanks to Drew Buddie for tagging me quite a while ago for the Passion Quilt Meme – it’s taken me a long while to respond but I recently came across the perfect picture to add. Actually it’s more than one so I’m not going to stick to the original rules. I’m also not going to tag anyone else to follow on the chain (I believe I’m supposed to pick 5 people) but if you would like to be picked say so in a comment and I’ll edit this post and link to your blog.

So to the post and the pictures. I was recently visiting two friends in Silverspring a suburb of Washington DC. They are both teachers but more importantly to the story new parents. Their beautiful baby is coming up to 7 months old. So the first technology bit is a website they use to buy their nappies online (or as they call them across the Atlantic diapers). With their purchase they received a free subscription to Parenting Magazine (in good old fasioned paper form). While flicking through the magazine I came across some adverts that astounded me – adverts for websites and products aimed at very young kids and parents to learn with computers. I whipped out the newly purchased camera to snap some of the adverts and they are going to find their way into some staff training this year. Why? In Secondary School we are still a long way from revolutionising learning using technology and some teachers still think it’s a fad – but with kids using technology for learning not soon after they learn to sit up surely it’s time for the naysayers to realise that learning continues to evolve.

Enjoy the pictures…
(click links or pictures for fullscreen to read the text and see the baby)

Sesame Street Media Play

media play sesame street

More Sesame Street online resources

media play sesame street p2

And a bit more sesame street

A new place to play - Sesame Street

Web 2.0 For Kids

Web Learning Platform

E-pen for reading

reading pen

The Baby of the Future?

Baby of the Future

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