Learning, Champions League and a trip to Monaco

What is a great learning experience you have had? An aha moment where you remembered something you learnt a long time before. Write yours below! Here’s mine, and it’s a little related to the Champions League game between Chelsea and Barcelona tonight! Back in 2001 I was a student at Birmingham University in my final […]

Examples of using IT tools in ways not intended (for learning)

In my previous post I rambled on a bit too much about the Wombles before making the point that even if you don’t have the fanciest, latest software there is still a lot you can do. I promised some examples. I should have maybe given this article a cooler heading like “Hack your IT systems” […]

BETT 2010 Fringe Events, TEDx, Amplified & Teachmeet

If you are lucky enough to be going and haven’t already made plans for your evening(s), I’d like to draw your attention to some events that might prove a welcome and invigorating contrast to the hurly-burly of the exhibition floor. On Wednesday 13th Jan at 6pm there will be a free TEDx event with a […]

If Cinemas were like schools…

Thanks to Paul Bogush for inspiring this blog post. In fact credit where it’s due all I’ve done is copied and pasted the original, translated it into the UK English and edited and added a little with some UK cultural references. Paul also referenced some other great blogs in his post including this one comparing […]

Staff Training and Staff E-learning Club

One of the major tasks I will have this year implementing our new VLE is to train staff. To get staff on board I will need as many staff  on my side as possible and one idea I had was to run a separate group of teachers not just learning to use the VLE but […]