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It was very nice to receive a tweet this morning from Chris Ratcliffe (@chrisrat) to tell me I had been nominated for the Education Blog Awards 2011 in the category, “Teacher Blog of the Year” Twitter Update

Thanks to whoever nominated me, it’s the first time I’ve ever been nominated for anything like this.

I started my blog a few years back when Drew Buddie aka @digitalmaverick told me that the process and progress of the VLE I was developing at school was something that would be really useful to share with others. As time has gone on my posts have diversified a little and I am no longer involved in the VLE I started writing about. But there is plenty more to come and many blog posts that are half writen. Take a look at the contents link to see the archive.

I hope some of my blog posts are useful to other people, like most teachers who blog, I do it to share and reflect, but it is exciting when the stats hit the roof. This has only happened twice to me: once for my guide to Twitter post earlier this year which for a week was clocking 100 visits a day, and once when I published my MA research on “What gets kids on a VLE“.

If you enjoy what you read feel free to click the button below and vote for me or visit

But if you don’t click don’t feel bad. I’m up against 40 other blogs many of whom I am big fans of, as a whole they are a fantastic compendium of teachers’ experiences and achievements.

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