Around the World in 8(0) Webcams – Limmud session 2011

As these details won’t be in the Limmud handbook… and as there are 10 places for online viewers… please pass on details of this session to anyone who may be interested! Around the World in 8(0) Webcams – Monday 26th December – 18.40-19.50 (GMT)   Joining Limmud conference, via webcam, for this session only […]

Limmud Conference Live Webcasts 2011

I’m very pleased that Limmud Conference¬†will once again be streaming a selection of sessions. Pleased partly because I was¬†one of the people who helped bring online streaming to Limmud last year and experimented with various forms of streaming for my own sessions in previous years. Pleased even more because I won’t be at Limmud this […]

E-learning ideas for Limmud Conference

Below is a summary of the session of 28th December from Limmud Conference Participants: 1x school e-learning person 1x organiser of business e-learning systems 1x open university professor using e-learning 1x enthusiastic user 1x English teacher in Israel 1x Director of Jerusalem cultural institute   Presentation of Ideas to get started On limmud: Streaming sessions […]