Reflection – 1 year of Rickypedia, a pilot VLE

Another year older another year wiser, so the old adage goes. The problem with that adage is that technology moves so fast you might be wiser in one aspect but have completely missed out on something brand new that’s just come out. I try not to let that worry me though as if the new things are any good I’ll probably hear about it through a blog or twitter somewhere, if not then it’s yet another new innovation that’s passed the whole world by!

I’ve not had as much time to update this blog as much as I would have liked. I have much respect for some of the prolific edubloggers out there, especially those who are full time teachers such as Nic Peachey, Tom Barrett, Jose Picardo and Doug Belshaw. I just don’t seem to find the time and I’m not sure I ever will!

My excuse is that I am in, and I hope coming to the end, of my second year MA in ICT in Education. Yes I know some of the people I just mentioned are doing similar things or even doctorates but lets just pretend I didn’t know that! While my University assignments may take time that I could have spent blogging they have given me the opportunity to do some heavy reflection. In an assignment from February 2008 I had to write about the implementation of a technology initiative. I chose to write about the implementation of Rickypedia. It’s a little scary posting my rather rushed and unpolished assignment in a public forum for the first time but I hope it may be of use to people. It’s about 6000 words but I think is quite readable! It’s quite interesting looking back personally and seeing how my perceptions have changed even since February. I’ll keep you posted on the developments since then when I get the chance. Click on the link below to have a read

Implementing a Pilot VLE at Rickmansworth School (PDF 152kb)

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  1. We support schools to put in social networking for international cultural understanding and dialogue, we want to move into languages, increasing interest in digital video etc; they can add this to a VLE or via an existing site. We also have contacts to teachers that train ICT depts to put in Moodle or similar for their schools to be able to blog / email / message / conference with other schools UK or WW.

    We work with about eight such platforms (see URL).

    Do get in touch I am interested in your experiences.

  2. Hi Liz,
    I’ll be in touch! Obviously we use moodle and I also tried out last year which was a great experience. Our school already participates in some European Twinning programs but I’m not sure how they work – I’m certainly hoping they can make use of our VLE to enrich their experiences next year.

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