E-tools e-learning and e-communication for e-veryone – summary

We started with Flashmeeting where Lisa and Mary said hi and told us about twitter and flashmeeting. (You can view the replay of the flashmeeting here). This is a summary and doesn’t include the great discussion and explanation we had at the same time. Flashmeeting is available to UK schools though if you ask them […]

E-tools e-learning and e-communication for everyone – share!

A bit of a cheeky blog post or just making the most of my online network? In about 6 hours from now I’m running a session described in our conference book as e-Tools, e-Learning, and e-Communication for e-veryone The presenter will show some amazing and free e-tools that you can use for learning, teaching, networking, […]

E-learning ideas for Limmud Conference

Below is a summary of the session of 28th December from Limmud Conference Participants: 1x school e-learning person 1x organiser of business e-learning systems 1x open university professor using e-learning 1x enthusiastic user 1x English teacher in Israel 1x Director of Jerusalem cultural institute   Presentation of Ideas to get started On limmud: Streaming sessions […]

Using Google Sites in School

We’ve recently created accounts for every student at Google apps for education. We registered a new domain for this at www.rickyschool.com . This provides e-mail, google docs, google start page, google calendar and google sites for all users. I’m still not 100% sure what it will be used for long term but I am convinced […]