E-tools e-learning and e-communication for everyone – share!

A bit of a cheeky blog post or just making the most of my online network?

In about 6 hours from now I’m running a session described in our conference book as

e-Tools, e-Learning, and e-Communication for e-veryone

The presenter will show some amazing and free e-tools that you can use for learning, teaching, networking, community building and communicating in your life, shuls, schools and organisations. If you’ve examples to show off please bring them along to share. Laptops welcome but optional. All levels welcome.

I’d really love to hear your ideas, top tools and suggestion – either on my voicethread http://voicethread.com/share/303070/ as a comment here or on twitter. Thanks and I promise I’ll share the results with everyone here and I’ll be trying to have a live online meeting at the same time as the session but not sure if it will work or not!

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