E-tools e-learning and e-communication for e-veryone – summary

We started with Flashmeeting where Lisa and Mary said hi and told us about twitter and flashmeeting. (You can view the replay of the flashmeeting here). This is a summary and doesn’t include the great discussion and explanation we had at the same time.

Flashmeeting is available to UK schools though if you ask them nicely for a worthy cause they may allow you to use it. Other options are available – if you know of any do comment below.

Lisa mentioned a tool called voki and a few other tools were mentioned.

Next we looked at Twitter. www.twitter.com used by both Lisa (@lisibo) and Mary (@moodlehotpotato). I’m also on twitter as @nstone.

Next was blogging – we looked at www.posterous.com www.wordpress.com and spoke about www.blogger.com

Next wikis – we looked at www.pbwiki.com and www.wetpaint.com and mentioned sites.google.com

We had a quick run through google docs for creating documents and form docs.google.com

We finished off with a quick look at two virtual environments, First Class (commercial paid for service) and Moodle. For anyone wanting to try out moodle ninehubs.com offers free basic moodle pages.

We had a chat about what is best to create a basic webpage and wikis and blogs both came up as simple solutions.

Finally we watched the shift happens video!

Thanks for all the wonderful contributions both online and in the room – please keep contributing and let us know what you’ve tried, succeeded and even failed with!
Good luck.

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