Summer bloggin’, happened so slow…

This Summer I’ve been a bad blogger despite having so many posts up my sleeves and in progress. 2 weeks left until school starts and I’m setting myself up a mini office (a laptop ona table) to mark coursework, learn a programming language, get up to date on the new A2 course and of course write some blog posts.To put a little pressure on myself here’s some blog posts I’m planning on writing and finishing – if they don’t appear somebody hassle me until I do! I guess as I write them I’ll edit this post to link to them.

  1. A review of a year of VLE and e-learning at school.
  2. A few great examples of VLE use this year at school.
  3. My experiences of creating a scorm e-learning resource.
  4. Nintendo DS in the classroom.
  5. My MA research into “What gets kids on a VLE and what difference does age make”
  6. Some cool bits of a cool school I visited (in Boston)

Doing all of those in the next two weeks is a little ambitious but at least I now have a plan. Hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying their Summer and everyone in the Southern Hemisphere their Winter.

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  1. Like your style… might try telling everyone what I should be doing to help get motivated! Very much looking forward to hearing about the evaluation of the VLE and some examples!

  2. Thanks for the comment – note that my plan still hasn’t worked as I’ve not written anything new yet! Just need to finish marking these coursework projects first!

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