The year is now 2018, the fireworks are long gone but as it’s still January there is still time for anyone and everyone to make their recommendations for the year. Be it a fashion trend, a stock pick, a cryptocurrency (that’ll get me a few extra hits on this article), a business trend or how to transform your diet and lifestyle.

I’m not going to write about trends for learning but rather tell you about two recent inspirations that I would love to try in my daily work.

  1. Nas Daily – Nuseir Yassin also known as Nas Daily has, in the last year, become an internet celebrity. His Facebook page has over 4 million followers, and he’s done it by creating 1 minute videos, mostly about his travels and people he meets along the way. His personality, positivity and likeability are no doubt a big factor in his success but his 1 minute videos are (as I’d say if I was American) little packets of awesomeness. I’ve picked one out below as a demonstration. Microlearning or nanolearning is a trend in corporate learning right now, it has its fans and its detractors. It’s no golden bullet for sure. 1 minute videos could be a great form of microlearning but also a great form of corporate communication. It beats an email, it beats a slideshow, it’s more personal. I’m going to try it out somehow. Remember depending on how polished you want them videos can take a lot of time to make but I’m hoping by using mobile phones and by keeping it simple this will be doable quickly.

2. Smartly – Smartly are a company that seem to do both recruitment and training. They’ve developed an online MBA course which they say is the first free MBA (alongside a paid for “executive” version) and they make money from it by recruiting people for other companies. If you log into their website or download their app you get access to their business essentials course covering things like basic accounting and marketing. These mini courses are delivered online through an interface that is very familiar but also much more engaging than other online clickety click courses. The courses work well on mobile phones and make you read and engage with the content, are written in an informal way with silly but entertaining case studies, include repetition and are very accessible. Again this is no golden bullet and part of the reason they are good is that the content has been well thought through. This isn’t something I can duplicate like for like but gives a lot of inspiration of how a good online course can look. Take a peek yourself. This video shows an example of their app but you need to strain your neck a little!

Now it’s over to you. Have you any super apps, webtools, case studies or examples that have inspired you recently? Please do share them with me, in the comments below, in a message, over a videoconference or even a coffee! Wishing you a wonderful and inspirational 2018.

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