VLEs, Cyberbullying and year 7 – part 2: The Good

Sorry there is no part 3: The ugly but do take a look at part one of this story here

Welcome to part 2. In part one I described the frustrations of trying to build up a course on our VLE on e-safety. Here’s how my course ended up looking course

Before we got to the course we did two other activities. I got students to design their own logo using MS Publisher. They learnt to group items and save as a JPG. Students were then taught how to log in to our VLE Rickypedia, to change their password, to update their profile and to add an avatar. The logo they made at the start of the lesson became their avatar. I’ve written two previous posts on avatars and profile fields. These activities took about 30 minutes of the lesson to complete. Next students moved onto the films.

The first film was linked from here . The second film embedded from teachertube. Students watched the films (all our PCs have headphones plugged in now) and did so very attentively. I next put a discussion forum in for students to write about the films. This was the prompting I gave them

forum instructionsStudents then posted their replies. I’ve picked a few random posts below. Some posts led to some great online discussions.  Most students didn’t get beyond making and reading these posts. Over the next two lessons I plan on covering other e-safety related issues. I’ll keep you posted as to how they go. (Nb to see the images below in better quality click or right click and open in a new window)

discussion1 discussion2discussion3discussion4discussion5discussion6

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  2. Thanks, the film link will come in handy as I am getting my grade sevens to look at the same issue in the next few days. They will end up blogging their thoughts about the feelings they have after watching the videos. You may have seen this before but some of the material found at http://www.media-awareness.ca has been useful to get a few more ideas about this issue.

  3. Thanks for the link Gary – I hadn’t seen that before – I’ve a lot more to write about when I have time. If your students’ blogs are public it would be fascinating to see what they write!

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