I’m looking forward to Teachmeet on Monday in Essex. I attended my first one at the Bett Show in January where I met lots of interesting people and heard lots of interesting talks that lasted a maximum of 7 minutes. Entertaining, interesting, educational, inspiring and perfect for my attention span. I wasn’t sure I’d make this one in Essex as it’s a bit of trek through the rush hour M25 from Rickmansworth. Luckily it’s at a time when I normally have year 11 who are off on study leave and I’ve got the blessing of my school to leave early. Not that I feel I’m taking a liberty when the event isn’t scheduled to finish until 21:30! One more difference this time from last is that I’ve put my name down to talk. If I’m lucky enough to get picked out of the hat I’ll be talking about… my experiences using technology with gifted and talented students – I guess I better write about it up here too, just give me a bit of time to get it sorted.

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  1. Hi just to say yours was rated as an excellnet talk by both Ewan and others- well done and keep it up

  2. Thanks for organising a great evening – will be writing my presentation up next week and may try and put resources and videos up to share as well.

  3. Hi! I went to the Bett Exhibition in London this January as well! Very interesting but a bit overwhelming for me after about 4.5 hours travel…

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