In our courtyard

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Something a little different from my usual posts. Yesterday I came across a video on a friends facebook page of the song Etzleinu Bechatzer featuring students of the Bialik-Rogozin school in Tel Aviv. The song title translates as “In our courtyard” and celebrates the many cultures and langauges around the world. You can see the lyrics here.

The video features children of many nationalities, all pupils at the school, and many children of foreign workers from rather deprived areas in Tel Aviv. I’m sure all is not always rosy at a school where 50 or so nationalities are represented but according to this article I came across the school is doing amazing things, especially with a group of Sudanese children, refugees from Darfur, brought to the school in the last year.

If anyone has an update I’d be very interested to hear. Of course we have similar schools in the UK and in London but I’m not sure how similar, maybe one day I’ll get to visit!

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I don’t normally comment on my own posts but wanted to link to one more beautiful story about this school that I found on the web from a catholic website –

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