As part of my work at World ORT I’m organising a seminar next week which will be attended by 18 teachers from abroad. As part of the seminar we are spending an afternoon at BETT, a large educational technology exhibition with hundreds of exhibitors displaying their wares.

It can be a rather imtimidating place for a newbie and it’s sometimes hard to know what to do when you arrive. I wanted to make the participants a few recommendations to get them on their way. Again it was hard to know where to start so I thought I would get the exhibitors to do the work for me, if they want me to recommend them then they should tell me why I should visit. I created a Google Form here and sent a few messages on twitter asking for exhibitors to fill in the form. A couple of weeks later and I had 25 sets of information which can be viewed in their raw form here.

A quick mail merge and a bit of tidying up later and I’ve  got booklet with all the information in.

You can view and download the booklet here via Google Docs, to download click the link, the file menu and select download.

Or you can download it directly via this link: Please come and visit us at BETT 2011

If you would like an editable version just get in touch.

I hope you find it useful

For some general advice on visiting BETT I recommend this post

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This is a great idea and really well executed. I’ll definitely be using your ‘must see’ guide when I visit next week as it’s so hard to decide where to focus your attentions as such a massive show.

I included a link back to this in my blog post and have also tweeted it to my followers who I hope will find it helpful.

thanks for pointing me here!

Thanks – I now have a slightly prettier version with a front cover and incorporating some of the visiting tips in the blog linked to at the end of the post. If anyone wants a copy just get in touch – I’ll leave the less pretty one on here as it’s free of branding which is probably better for most people!

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